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Bluetip's Commission Info + Rules!

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After several years of not taking commissions, I've finally opened em back up! The commission tab on Fur Affinity doesn't seem to be working lately and I have absolutely no idea how to work the html cut tags on there, as well as on deviantArt, so I'll be keeping it in this journal for now!

Some of this stuff is still under construction!
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Fav scene in the GN XD

Transactions Feedback Post!!

Okay so i figured it was about time to make a little feedback area post for transactions since most people have them! Mainly pokemon stuff xD

Updated as of March 2010

Positive Feedback: 100%
Transactions completed: 80

Positive: 80
Negative: 0
Transactions completed: 80

I also have over 220+ positive (no negative/no neutral) feedback on my Ebay link here! : http://myworld.ebay.ca/bluetip13

For feedback left here, the format is essentially a modified version of pkmncollectors's standard, replacing a rating of one to five with a simple positive/neutral/negative. Feel free to make as many or as few comments as you'd like, but if you have a problem, your feedback should not be the first place I hear of; Communication is key and I'd appreciate resolving problems one on one first and foremost.


Rating: Positive
Item(s) sold: Buizel plush
Comments: I has big obsession with Munchlax =D~~~~~~

Your feedback helps establish my reputation for overall transactions and is highly valued and very much appreciated ^-^ Thanks so much!


I've been extremely lucky with my transactions thus far but i figured i'd put this up as well, moreso a note to myself.

Non-paying/backed out/terrible communication users:

muzikmaker21 -- Committed to their package/payment several times and held it for a couple months; never heard back after contacting numerous times.
destine1983 -- Committed to their package/payment which i held for a ridiculous 10+ months (June 2008-May 2009). Communication was shakey as i was always the one to contact her about her package status until she just ceased to respond to any incoming messages. I felt i was polite, fair and patient enough, especially with someone who was local.
Fav scene in the GN XD

Friends Only

My journal is private and i'm very careful about who i let into my personal life. Of course feel free to comment if you'd like to be added ^__^

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